Transfer Foil Gel


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Prep the clients nails as usual, then:

  • Apply either your Lola Lee Brush on Gel (cure layers) or Lola Lee Base Coat (cure layer)
  • Apply your Lola Lee Gel Colour (cure layer/s)
  • Next, apply a thin coat of the Lola Lee Foil Gel over the colour (cure it for approx. 50%-70% of normal Gel colour time

Eg: If you usually cure you Colour Gel for 30 seconds, then cure the Foil Gel for approx. 20 seconds
You want the layer to be tacky/sticky .. not wet nor completely dry

  • Next, cut your foil to size and with the shiny side up, rub the foil until it is completely transferred onto the nail, then peel it off
  • Lastly, apply one coat of Lola Lee Top Coat (non-wipe) and cure for 30 seconds

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