Lola Lee Dura Gel

Lola Lee Dura Gel is best described as a hybrid formula between the durability of acrylic and elasticity of gel. Lola Lee Dura Gel has a perfect “putty” type of viscosity, is flexible and lightweight yet incredible strong and can be used over the natural nail, forms or with any of our tip extensions. Commonly known as PolyGel or AcrylGel, our Lola Lee Dura Gel is a HEMA free, non-toxic and almost odorless alternative with all the mentioned benefits included.

The product is dispensed from the tube and is applied after prepping the natural nail.

✔ Hema FREE
✔ Gel-acrylic hybrid formula
✔ Long-Lasting (3 Weeks +)
✔ 5 Prime Colours in 60gm tubes
✔ For Professional Use Only



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